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This is us...

What are a German and a Swiss doing in one of Sweden's most sparsely populated regions, far, far up North? To answer it very simply: We live as we like! Close to nature, with 6 months of snow and our beloved sled dogs.



Growing up in a village in northern Germany, Anne has always loved being outdoors, especially in winter when you can see the breath in the air and hear the snow crunching under your boots.


While studying business economy for tourism, she completed a six-month internship in Finnish Lapland, where she fell victim to the polar virus.


Anne worked for various  tour operators for 12 years. Several trips have taken her to Canada, Alaska, Svalbard, Greenland and again and again to Lapland before she finally moved to the very North of Sweden in 2018.


Mikko *2021


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Andi grew up on a mountain farm in Switzerland. “Outdoor adventures” were just everyday life. He was a member of the Jungwacht (boy scouts) for over 15 years.


After training as a carpenter, Andi served in the military for three years.  Then he got the urge to travel. It went on kayak expeditions through Alaska and hikes through South America and Scandinavia, where Andi was often out in nature for several months.


In 2015 Andi moved to northern Sweden, where  his passion for sled dogs developed.

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